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Staying put


Given the choice, most older Australians would prefer to age gracefully in their own home or leave a move to residential care as late as possible.

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Residential care facilities … the questions to ask


You’ve seen the brochures and driven past the building; but the only way to really know whether a residential care facility might be the right one for you is to look inside.

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Navigating the aged-care maze


The idea of moving into an aged care facility can be confronting. It challenges personal decisions to never leave our home, or family promises to never ‘put’ mum or dad into a home.

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Renegotiating living arrangements


Mary had been retired for 5 years and had a good social life with plenty of friends and lots of activities. She did most of the domestic chores and had a pretty busy week.

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Living in an empty nest


I remember when our second and last child moved out of the family home and went to a big city. The place felt empty and my wife and I kept wondering what were we going to do with ourselves

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Living alone, travelling alone


We may be living alone and travelling alone by choice or by circumstance at this stage of our lives.

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Five steps to a happy retirement


There’s more to a happy retirement than having enough money and investing it wisely

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Your life history


'My grandchildren couldn’t conceive of a milkman with a horse and cart delivering milk to our front door'

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Relationships in retirement


The early years of retirement can be a dangerous time for relationships

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