Website Refresh

Website Refresh

20 June 2018 10:32

Over the last 12 months, you’ll have noticed some differences around here. We have a brand new look, and we’ve been working to make things simpler for our customers.

In a collaborative effort with our member reference group, we have been looking at what matters most to you when you visit us online. We are proud to announce that, very soon, we will be launching our new, easier-to-use website. 

Our new website combines all the information about our superannuation schemes and retirement income streams into a one-stop-shop at

It is also time to say goodbye to our old websites as the CSS, MilitarySuper, PSS, PSSap, DFRDB, CSCri, ADF Super, and ADF Cover sites will be switched off on 1 July.

Rest assured, your super scheme will not change, only the way we deliver our service and experience to you. Your retirement fund is still in the same safe hands—nothing about how we invest or manage your super will be affected in any way.   

Our new website will be much easier to find your way around than the old ones, but we understand that any change can be tricky at first. That’s why we will be here to guide you through everything.


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